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Sorry, but I have to say Merry Christmas

Every year I hear the same thing: "you're not supposed to say Merry Christmas. You're supposed to say Happy Holidays. Not everyone celebrates Christmas!"

For those of you who do not celebrate Christmas, I'd like you to humor me for a couple of minutes.

To me, Christmas is not a religious holiday. It is not about Santa Claus and his reindeers, and it is definitely not about maxing out my credit cards at the mall! Christmas is a yearly ritual that forces me to stop being self-centered and to get out of the bubble that I live in. The Christmas Season makes me look at the world and truly take time to appreciate others.

What other time of the year can you find so many people in a happy mood for absolutely no reason at all? The only thing different in their life is their frame of mind and attitude. During this time of year you always see people doing nice things for others; any other time they would never think of it. Christmas is more than just a one day celebration on December 25. It is a month long season that brings out the best in almost everyone.

So if you do not celebrate Christmas, then I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Season. Because at the very least, we can all appreciate the good things that happen during this time of year.

Have wonderful December, and I hope you continue to read our monthly newsletters throughout 2006.

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